Our Team

Jim Dutton

Founder & Director

Jim has over eleven years experience of owning and managing online social communities. Building a network of communities from scratch, Jim nutured their growth to over 60,000 members, and managing a team of over 100 people. Jim, in the process, successfully closed branding and merchandise deals with one of the largest companies in the world. He later sealed an investment and exit strategy for the business, selling his shares.

Jim has since offered his abilities as a technology consultant for businesses, with experience in launching mobile software.

Nick Howland

Founder & Director

Nick has come from a background of facilitating and managing tech startups, having owned an award winning business and founded his own social network, to global appeal. Whether it's product development, branding, management of operations or connecting with venture capitalists, Nick has a broad range of skills well matched to the technology industry.

Nick is a creator and product development/design specialist. Futurist, always evaluating where technology can lead us next.

Andrey Magiy

Founder & Director

Andrey is a business management specialist and angel investor. Andrey puts his wealth of knowledge and experience to good use in any fledgling startup, managing the operational and financial elements of the business. As an investor, Andrey likes to be involved at the ground level with teams to help them nuture their business in the early stages.

Andrey, having founded and managed an award winning, successful automotive business for the past decade demonstrates his hands-on approach, with a vast experience of operating a company in a niche market.